Our business range from planning&developing to manufacturing Sign Frame Systems. Now we enjoy the good references and reputations from among business partners.

On the bases of our experience and technology in Sign Frame manufacturing, now we are developing new products to more Ecological-friendly and more suitable for global standard.
Mr, Kil-Hong Kim, President and Founder of E&G has more than 20 years experience in Korean and Japan Sign Industry. On this background and knowledge of the sign industry, he can meet any domestic and overseas customer's needs.

Recently, E&G have launched moving Roll Poster, Slim-Light Panel systems and supplied global market with them. Especially patented new product, moving Roll Poster is widely recognized in global market. Another major Product lines are Slim-Light Panel systems. They are applied diverse lamps such as EEFL, CCFL, T5 to meet various customer's tastes and needs.

Like today, for the future fruit, we will do our best to win customers confidence and good reputation. And also, we sincerely look forward to your advice and encouragement.